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Perfect for dry paws, elbows and nose!


NOURISH is an all-natural topical combining Full Spectrum oil, premium quality ingredients, and essential oils in a proprietary formula for a refreshing, soothing, and healing experience for your pet. With our pure and chemical-free Full Spectrum Oil salve for pets, you can NOURISH your pet’s dry elbows, paws, belly, and ears with this smooth blend of natural ingredients.

NOURISH contains 150mg of Full Spectrum oil, coconut oil, and vanilla to help your pets dry paws, elbows and nose. Perfect for breeds like Frenchies and pets during the winter!

Our NOURISH salve is 100 percent food grade, never contains any artificial dyes or fragrances, and is made using CO2 extraction — which means we do not use chemical solvents like butane (lighter fluid) in any of our products. Additionally, all of our products undergo full spectrum lab testing by a third-party for purity and potency, and lab certificates are available to view prior to purchasing.

We take pride in delivering only the finest full spectrum oil for pets, formulating products that are completely safe for consumption and environmentally sustainable.



Apply NOURISH liberally directly to the affected area as needed. NOURISH is safe for your pet to lick. 


Contains 150mg Full Spectrum oil, coconut oil, vanilla extract, and Vitamin E.