Our Story

Every day, millions of people are spending thousands of dollars on toxic food and supplements for their animals. Once upon a time, we did too. Our team of animal lovers all follow a simple rule of thumb. When you know better, you DO better. And now that we know better, we want to teach YOU how to become your beloved pet’s biggest advocate!

There’s a heartbreaking story that drives our passionate mission. Despite doing everything we were told to do to keep her healthy, we lost one of our dogs at the young age of 7. We fed her the “right food”, gave her monthly flea and tick medications, vaccines, and loaded her up with prescribed medications. We were completely devastated by losing her and needed to know why this happened. So we went into a deep dive investigation of what we were actually putting into her little body and what we discovered was disheartening and terrifying. The pet food and supplement industry is full of misinformation that doesn’t help our animals – it simply lines the pockets of big companies. We’re here to change that.

After years of research, we now offer you the very best in natural products for your animal. By feeding your pets species appropriate food, using all natural supplements to help treat allergies, fleas, inflammation and more, we can help your fur baby live a longer, happier, and healthier life. NATURALLY!

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